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Brake Light

First off let me say hello to everyone since this is my first post. My wife just called me on her way to work and said she had just pulled out from a stop sign and she heard a beep and a light came on saying brake. She says the emergency brake was not on. The car is a 2003 Dodge Neon. Does anybody know what might have caused this?

The most likely cause is a low fluid level in the brake master cylinder. Have her (or someone at her work place) check and, if necessary, fill the master cylinder to the correct level before she drives home. Make sure that she checks her Owner’s Manual for the correct type of brake fluid before buying any fluid.

And, you should be aware that there are only two reasons for the level of the fluid in the master cylinder to drop:

*A leak in the brake hydraulic system (not common, but potentially very dangerous)
*Excess wear on the brake pads (this is much more common)

As the brake pads wear, the caliper pistons that move the pads have to extend further than usual, and this extension draws fluid from the master cylinder.

So, no matter which of the above situations has caused the fluid level to drop, your brakes need to be checked a.s.a.p., but the first step is to replenish the brake fluid so that the car can be safely driven for the time being.

I would advise you to AVOID chains like Midas and Meineke, as they are known for “overselling” services and almost always wind up charging customers FAR more than the advertised low prices for brake service and for other service procedures. Seek out an independent mechanic in your area who has a good reputation, and you are likely to get better-quality work at a lower price.

either means the brake system is having a problem (or alerting you to a possible problem or condition)

or the emergency brake handle is pulled (or partially pulled)

first thing to do (when stopped); lift the e brake handle, and make sure there is nothing down there preventing the handle from being pushed fully down when off.

second; lift the hood and check the brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. you are checking these fluids on a regular basis correct?

if that doesn’t help, post back and we’ll look at other items.

second; lift the hood and check the brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. you are checking these fluids on a regular basis correct? <><>

I haven’t checked the brake fluid since we went on vacation in September. I’ll have to check it as soon as she gets home. Thanks.

the lever makes the light come on by NOT being all the way down. ifit is up even a little bit it triggers the light.

don’t forget to check the e brake lever. you would be surprised at how a pen, water bottle cap, baby rattle etc etc etc falling down under the lever, and making the light come on is done.