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when i let off, it goes “peep”

Make, model, miles & year? Any other problems? Maintenance up to date?

'97 Mitsubishi Eclipse De Coupe, 150,000. only had it a year & half. The “peep” is in the right rear.

Is It “Peep” Or "Peep, Peep, Peep, Peep, Peep, . . . Etcetera ?

The latter will result in $$$$, $$$$$, $$$$$, $$$$$, . . . etcetera. This is probably your brake pad wear indicator(s) telling you that new brake pads are in the not too distant future.


It “peeps” when I let off the pedal. In the area of the rear right wheel.

Like CSA said, have the brakes checked. Post back with the results.

if you have rear drum brakes, I would have the drums removed and inspect them. Make sure all moving parts are lubricated. Also inspect the drum itself and see if anything is scraping against it. (it happened to me)