Grinding sound when I press on the brakes of my '97 BMW 528i

my car is the greatest. I have had it for 12 years since it was brand new. it has 87K miles and I have taken excellent of it. this noise just started. How much will new brakes cost me? thanks!

The grinding sound is likely ridges at the outer edge of the rotors rubbing on the metal backing plates of the brake pads. Not dangerous at first, but you need new pads and rotors soon.

Assuming you need all four wheels done, this can be done for around $300 if you buy the parts on line and put them on yourself, or for more than $1000 if you go to the dealer. Independent dealers will be somewhere in between.

Flush and replace the brake fluid while you are working on the brakes. That should be done every 2-3 years.

On my three BMWs, I have been very happy with Brembo rotors (made in Mexico) and Aaxis Delux Plus pads that I buy on-line and put on myself. The hardest part is removing the rear rotors, which will be rusted in place.

All these cars are equipped with indicators that cause a “low pad” light to illuminate on the dash,got a light? Since you have had the car since new it is odd to me you don’t know what brakes cost. With you car (e-39) it was pads at 15K and pads and rotors at 30K. Brake lathes do not exist at BMW shops so its always new rotors for BMW,you would not want it any other way would you?