Brakes honda 05



I Just replaced the brake pads on my Honda 05 I was hearing a metallic snapping sound when I would hit the brakes and even though I replaced the brake pads I still hear this snap it sounds like a a loud thud. It only happens in low speed IE reversing, pulling out of a parking lot. Any help will be great.


I had a similar issue with my civic a year or so ago, brakes worked fine, but there was a loud whomping noise coming from one of the front tires. If this is what you’re experiencing sounds like the caliper might be loose. Check the bolt(s) holding the caliper on.


Thanks for the reply I actually think that the brake pads are to small for the caliper, the hard knocking that I’m hearing only happens when I reverse and move forward or when I move forward and reverse. So yeah it sucks I have to install new brake pads I’ll see what happens and reply.


My son’s 03 accord does the same thing. I was concerned about it, but someone else on this board researched the issue and found that it was normal.