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2002 Honda Accord Throttle Position Sensor & Throttle Body Assy

So…I just took my car in last week to replace the TPS and noticed that the car is now making a weird sound when I reverse (out of parking spaces, etc). The sounds seems to be coming from the rear of the car the sound is similar to metal scraping concrete and happens intermittently. I’m wondering if this is a random concidence or if this could be related to the recent work done on the TPS. If my brakes hadn’t been completely replaced a year ago, I’d suspect it might be those. Anyone out there have any ideas what could cause this sound?

It Could Be Metal Scraping Concrete. Have You Looked Under The Rear Of The Car ?

See if there’s a little “thingy” hanging down close to the ground near the right or left rear wheel. There are stabilizer bar links, one on each side. These are short bars of steel that have been known to break on Accords from this era. They are ordinarily tucked up higher, but when they break they can pivot downward. Honda came out with a “revised” parts kit that you can purchase to replace the broken link.

If that’s it then it’s probably just coincidental and not related to the car repair.


CSA - Got a question. I’ll check under the car. If it’s something hangng from the underside of the car wouldn’t the sound be happening consitantly? I only hear it once in a while and while in reverse.

“If it’s something hangng from the underside of the car wouldn’t the sound be happening consitantly? I only hear it once in a while and while in reverse.”

I’m with you. You would certainly think so. I did see you said “in reverse” and considered that when I answered, but you’ve got kind of an unusual sound in an unusual place. I’ve seen stranger things that lead me to never rule out unusual possibility.

Besides, that’s all I could come with at the time (and now) and since it’s in the back, somebody should have a look back there in case the source of the sound is obvious as it would be if metal actually was scraping concrete. It’s the easiest thing to do and starting point. Maybe others will weigh in on this topic if your post keeps bumping to the top of the discussions list.

There’s just not a lot back there on a front wheel drive car that can produce that kind of noise. There’s an electric fuel pump in the gas tank, brakes, wheel bearings, parking brake cables, brakes, exhaust system pipes/muffler and related shields, to name a few items, but I’d find it almost as strange for one of these to make noise in reverse and not going forward, but I’m not ruling that out, either.

Anyhow, have a look while you’re waiting for suggestions to pour in here. Perhaps you’ll see something.


OK CSA - I looked under the car and didn;t see anything hanging or unusual. I just got back from being out and about and did notice a couple of things. I heard the noise when I was steering to the right (not a sharp turn, but just a slight pull to the right to get back in the lane). This happened twice (one time I was going downhill and my foot was lightly on the brake and the next time I was goig uphill w/ my foot on the gas). I also heard the noise when I hit a small pothole (however, I hit many other potholes after that and didn’t hear it). I heard it going downhill when I stepped on the brakes. Sorry…lots of odd details. It just doesn’t seem to happen with any regularity so it’s hard to notice what I’m doing when it happens. The mystery lives on…

If you’re sure it’s coming from the rear, check all the rear links. It sounds like a bushing has failed, and when the torsion from braking, or when backing the lifting of the rear of the car, allows it to show itself. Anyone with a prybar (or good eyes and the right angle) should be able to find it in a couple minutes.