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Brakes dont work good

I don’t believe he could do it either. What I am concerned about is the failed attempt.

What motorcycle or atv has mechanical brakes?? None I have ever owned. Even my kids electric ATV has hydraulic brakes…

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I have;

Honda NX 650 (Dual sport); hydraulic front, mechanical rear

Honda Fourtrax 250; hydraulic front, mechanical rear

Honda Fourtrax 90; cable front and rear

Yamaha Blaster; cable front, mechanical rear

So nice of you to recite the inspection procedure in your state (or at least your understanding of it), Care to summarize the other 49 plus all the variations within some of the states.

By the way , All Chrysler Corp car since their start in 1924have had 4 wheel hydraulic brakes. Duesenberg beat them to the market in 1923 but their brakes lacked some key components and in 1924 they used Chrysler patent brakes.

By the way, I am not a professional mechanic but was a truck and bus driver for 55 years and been around pro mechanics my whole working life and they come in good and bad. Anyone who spends a lot of time in a shop quickly learns that everybody except the worst mechanic knows how to rank them from best to worst.


The car the OP needs, a Hudson with triple safe brakes. In case of a hydraulic failure, further depression of the brake pedal operated the steel cable emergency brakes.

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The last line of defense is the grappling hook with 50’ of chain… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My mechanic gives me the option of fixing inspections issues myself, taking it somewhere else (for tires), or just letting him do it

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