89 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera(hunk of junk)

We’ve tried three different alternators now and two different batteries. Replaced the starter, belts and battery cables. For some reason the car still decides when it wants to start and when it doesn’t. The battery power drains almost immediately after you start the car, and now we have a problem with it bogging down a lot to the point where we can’t drive it on the freeway. Any suggestions please?! Anyone? I mean besides just throw the hunk a junk away. We’re looking for affordable alternatives.

A Haynes manual will run you less than $20 and can help you solve driveability problems. Many of your problems are indicative of a bad ignition switch. A bad wire at or near the starter can also cause problems like these. If the lock cylinder in the steering column is damaged, worn, or seizing up, as a lot of them do, it can cause problems with the ignition switch. I have also seen loose bolts in the steering column cause similar problems relating to the ignition switch. If the lock cylinder is stiff or damaged, replace it. If the steering column flops around like crazy, it needs to be replaced or, if you’re brave, taken apart and tightened up (three inverted torx bolts behind the tilt mechanism, if so equipped).

You recieved good info from mark9207, the part of your post that concerns me is when you say " the battery power drains almost immediately". Unless something got really,really hot, started smoking and melted the battery was not drained of power, it never had it to start.

We had one of these “battery drained immediately” posts last month, the OP never did concede that the batterys power did not vanish without a trace.

Check all the wiring at the starter (this is a bus point), I have seen semi open (shows signs of over amperage but not totally melted) fuseabile links and a lot of corrosion in this area.