1991 Olds Cutlass Bleeder Valve Problem?


So, I have an old car, a 91 Olds Cutlass Ceira with 257k miles on i started to attempt to bleed the lines. When I went to loosen the bleeder valve, it snapped off. (Rear Passenger). Any suggestions on what to do, short of taking it in to get taken.



If you broke the bleeder out, not much you can do except replace the brake cylinder. They shouldn’t be that expensive for that car. You may have the same trouble getting the brake line loose though so hit it with PB Blaster first like you should have done with the bleeder valve.



If it is broken off in a wheel cylinder (which Im almost positive youve got for this year and model) then Id just go to the parts store and pick up a new one. They dont cost much.

However if it is a rear caliper (extremely expensive), I prefer to use a 1/8" NPT bleeder fitting repair kit. Get the drill and tap if you dont have one, then drill out the fitting and tap the hole and screw in the repair kit. Theyre cheap and work great.

Either way, youll have to bleed that wheel again. Not a biggie.