Brakes dont work good

… as are most technological features that have taken hold over the past 8 decades.
I have to agree with some others that the OP was trolling us.
Yes, I fell for it.


I’m not sure if op is trolling us

But it’s obvious they’re extremely frustrated

Just because they had their brakes sorted out several years ago, doesn’t mean the problem(s) won’t happen again. The car is pretty old, after all

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Do I smell a troll cooking spam?


I was going to suggest he Google Midland Steeldraulic Brakes, “The safety of steel from pedal to wheel”, but it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Have it changed over to 4 wheel disc brakes. Expensive? Fairly. Safer, more reliable. Oh hell yes.

The OP likes old technology.
I with his thinking he needs very hIgh liability coverage.
I had a 70 Cutlass, brakes were adequate, but I much prefer the 4 wheel disc with ABS on my current vehicles.

There, I fixed it for you.


Well, to be fair, the Model A also used mechanical brakes, so his desired technology isn’t quite as ancient as the Model T.


Let’s keep in mind that Chrysler introduced hydraulic brakes to production cars in 1924. In the 1930’s manufacturers other than Ford were still using mechanical brakes, but by 1939, everyone but Ford had switched to hydraulics other than Henry, who was a stupid old tyrant.


Maybe not stupid, but certainly stubborn.

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… and bigoted…

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– guys this is a simple question asked not a dam debate about what cars are or was. The engine size and tranny dose not make a bit of difference here.
I hope this helps you out here fist step when you replace the master cylinder you should at least flush out the entire system with fresh fluid; But anyways starting off from where you are now.
a.) Your power booster probably isn’t bad (but at its age you might think of replacing it) when a mater cylinder leaks fluid from the rear of it the fluid builds up inside the booster and when brakes are applied the fluid get sucked into the intake. This can foul out your plugs making/causing your miss fire (note: you will usually see a crap ton of smoke from your exhaust when this happens).
b.) When the new brake line was replaced the inner diameter is most likely smaller than the the originals inner diameter being the car was built almost 50 years ago have the mechanic replace the other line to its ajoinning side (front to front-rear to rear) reason is this can cause a breaking issue where one side receives more brake fluid than the other giving one side more braking action than the other side
c.) rule is when you replace one item on your brake system you replace both at the same time IE pads, shoes, wheel cylinder, callipers, rubber lines.
Well I hope this helps you out with your break issues and remember no matter how fast it goes! When its time to stop, it needs to STOP then

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What the hell dose any of this have to do with the guys brake system problem don’t you people know how to start your own conversations instead of interupting other people who are trying to fix their dam car

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@Tex-Rebel - the OP was wanting to convert his ‘troublesome’ hydraulic brakes to mechanical brakes. He seemed to know what he needed to do to fix them, he just wanted to complain about them.

Thank you!

As for the others, let them ride around in recycled soda cans if they like.

I like driving things that haven’t been castrated, myself.

Excuse me while I answer the others, and then get back to you with the subject at hand.

The modern car has resulted in a world full of idiots that don’t know how to drive.

As for the ‘safety’ of modern vehicles, has anyone ever heard of ‘survival of the fittest’?
Seat belts and airbags allow morons to survive to do their stupidity again (and again). Neither of these things saved my girlfriend’s daughter, who was driving a Subaru and had the airbag blow her aorta half off.

As for disc brakes, they have never worked properly on any vehicle I have had, including even a moped that the caliper siezed up on and caused me to wreck, then have to drive 20 miles with a semi-locked caliper. Funny how that drum brake in back was still working just fine, being a cable operated drum brake and all. As there was no repair available, the junk disc, caliper, and hydraulic poop was disposed of and for the rest of that bike’s life there was only the rear brake.

That is not to mention how discs always pull to one side or the other, the warped discs cause the brake pedal to bounce, how the calipers always freeze up on one side, and how the pads last half as long as shoes do.

Doesn’t matter, as I have walked and drove away from accidents that others involved were incapable of doing either.

I drove normal cars for 10 years before I got my Cutlass, and every one of them had constant problems with worthless disk brakes.
My Cutlass has four wheel drum brakes, and except for the stupid hydraulic part they always worked great.

Because my car has what my uncle referred to as ‘intestinal fortitude’.

Anyway, Tex-Rebel, I have replaced the master cylinder, right after I had the line replaced at the shop. The pedel feels the same. I bled the cylinder, installed it, bled the lines, nothing.

I really hate hydraulic brakes. As far as I can tell, cars were better built and better looking when they only had mechanical brakes.

First of all, your brakes don’t work well.

Superman does good. My brakes and I are doing well.

Second, and more importantly, those old cars that were built like tanks were good at surviving collisions with relatively little damage, but that meant they didn’t absorb the momentum of a collision, leaving our bodies to absorb more of the shock. I’d rather have my vehicle absorb the momentum of a collision than have my body absorb it, leading to crushed bones and other injuries.

My car is insured, and it can be repaired or totaled and replaced, but human bodies are a lot more fragile, and people often don’t recover from brain trauma. That is why cars are made of softer metal and plastic, to create crumple zones where the momentum of a collision can do the least harm to occupants.

If you place a higher importance on your car surviving a collision than your body, maybe you should give up cars all together and ride a motorcycle. Avoiding a collision is easier when you’re on a small more maneuverable vehicle that can go between obstacles and get out of a car’s way.

As to your original issue, your entire brake system needs to be replaced and/or overhauled. We had this issue on a Chevy Yukon in our fleet where I used to work, and after the second time it happened, we had everything replaced that related to the brake system, every line and every component, including all four calipers. I know it’s going to be expensive, but there really is no other option given this car’s history. It’s a 25-year-old car, so I’m not surprised at all that this is necessary.

Of course you could trade your 25-year-old car for a 10-year-old car, and you’d be safer driving it not only because it has working brakes, but because it has crumple zones.


Make that 50 year old.


Thanks PK for giving me the laugh of my day. Not a single thing you said about cars is correct, but it’s funny to read…


The guy is less interested in fixing his car than he is in simply ranting about "modern " cars.


As I said before I still smell troll.