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1998 Buick Lesabre horn

I have a 1998 Buick LeSabre. Once in a while the horn will start blaring continually for no reason while its setting in the driveway.Does anyone know what may be causing this?

Maybe your alarm system?

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I think only two possibilities, either the alarm system as Kurt said if they are separate blasts or the horn switch in the steering wheel itself if the horn is blowing continuously. When you push the horn button, it just grounds out on the metal in the steering wheel and closes the circuit. So something is worn or deforming in the heat or cold and grounding it out. I used to have a 1960 Morris Minor that would blow the horn when making a right turn. A frayed wire was the cause and a little electrical tape fixed it. You can’t take the steering wheel off anymore though due to the danger of the air bag so its really off to a shop to take a look see.

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Try a new horn relay:

When you say “blaring” do you mean one long continuous honk, or a rhythmic honk-honk-honk?

If it’s the first, Insightful has a good suggestion. If it’s the second, something is setting your alarm off.

When this happens, what do you do to get it to stop?

Yeah forgot about the relay. I think they are about $10-20. You can swap it with one of the other relays that have the same number on them as a test. Usually most of them are all the same or just replace and see what happens.

It eventually stops on its own. The battery is dead now, I’m not going to charge it anymore till I find out what’s wrong.

Just pull the relay and it can’t sound.

Problem is almost certainly from among these, in appx order of likelihood

  1. horn button is sticking, usually due to thermal expansion or gunk
  2. steering column clockspring short
    (here’s what a clockspring looks like for a bmw
  3. horn relay sticking
  4. short circuit in wiring harness

There’s no way to know, a shop has to test for each, one by one. They’d do it in a systematic way of course, using a volt meter or test light and a wiring diagram.