Brake warning

My Anti-slip light and emergency “Brake” light comes on randomly. Also, my dash says STOP, brake fault. It also tells me to check my service manual. I have plenty of brake fluid, has anyone ever had this problem??? Its braking just fine.

2000 Passat

There should be a code stored in memory. It may be a speed sensor problem.

You probably have a failing ABS module. Very common in 98-01 Passats. You can have someone with a proper diagnostic scanner (dealer, VW specialist) diagnose if it is the ABS module.

It’s actually not a horrible repair. Dealer will tell you that it’s a $1500 repair. Nonsense. All you need is the abs module replaced. You can have yours rebuilt for about $250 from these guys, and replace it yourself if you’re reasonably handy. You don’t need to mess with the hydraulics.:

Here’s one rebuilder I’ve herad good things about:

And how to replace the module:

Oh, and do report to NHTSA if your ABS module has failed. There really ought to be a recall on this item.

The website for NHTSA is