Brakes Squeal and grab



My 2008 truck has brakes that squeal and grab. The squeak happens for the first couple of times I use the when then goes away only to return when the car has been parked for less than a couple of hours. The dealer tells me that it is normal but I find it hard to believe that other canyon owners are ok will squeaky brakes. Please help


Have the brakes ever been replaced? How many miles on the truck?


The brakes have never been replaced and I have 15,000 miles on it


Do you live in a VERY wet place? Near the ocean? The cast iron rotors can pick up enough surface rust to cause this very quickly under certain conditions…Usually, it takes at least 12 hours, overnight…if you live in a normal climate, I would try a new set of brake pads. Nag the dealer to install them free under warranty…That might be tough considering GM’s situation…