Brake repair advice 1977 Datsun 280Z

I have a question that no one seems to be able to answer: I have a 1977 Datsun 280Z, which runs fine. The problem is that the brakes squeal very loudly, but only after they heat up. I have had 2 brake jobs that failed to solved the problem. Disc brake quiet is only a temporary solution. Datsun guys say there is no special type of brake pad for this problem.

Anyone out there with thoughts on this?


Maybe you need to try an independent shop instead of the Datsun guys.
Do the Datsun guys use antisqueal grease behind the pads?

How about contacting Nissan North America technical assistance? Sorta an fyi, but if you wash your car frequently and use a spray-on tire dressing, it may be getting on to the rotor surfaces and causing a glaze. Of course, you haven’t said how frequently your are driving your car. When you say Datsun guys, is that a dealer? or a guy that specializes in Datsuns?

Replace the brake pads with organic original type pads, replace all the pad and caliper mounting hardware, and either replace the rotors or have them refinished by a competent shop.

Well one has to hope the brakes were done correctly. Brake pads and rotors develop grooves, so the squealing might be due to a shift in mechanics. Now after it is warm may be a clue, first thought wheel bearings are loosening up. If you push and pull on the top of the tire do you feel any slack? That is an indicator of bad wheel bearings. If you push and pull from side to side and feel slack that is an indicator of ball joints.

Disk brake pads can be bought in a range of “hardness”. Soft won’t last long but should be quiet and have strong stopping power. Hard pads last longer and are tough on the rotors. Most shops install harder pads. If you drive your z as a hobby car a softer pad might be the way to go.

Were the caliper slides lubed or serviced along with the rotors?

Absolutely certain the noise is from the front and not the rear?

By Datsun guys do you mean the Datsun (Nissan) dealer or a Datsun/Nissan specialty shop?

I’ve worked on a bunch of these cars and brake service has never been an issue with them.