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Why is my brake pedal squeaking?

I recently drove through a puddle of water in a parking lot and now when I lightly tap on my brake pedal I hear a squeaking sound (from the pedal). What could be the problem here, and how should it be fixed?

Do you mean your brakes squeak when you press the pedal, or your actual pedal is squeaking? If the brakes are squeaking, no prob-when you drove through the puddle water get splashed on the rotors. Try driving it in an isolated parking lot or somewhere safe about 10 MPH with your foot just slightly on the brake to rub off any surface rust.

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Concur w/above advice. Probably just a little surface rust has formed. It should go away by itself as you use the brakes. If it continues or gets worse, post back.

I also agree with OldcarsRbest. You can also spray your brakes with brake cleaner.

@OldcarsRbest: It sounded like it was definitely coming from the brake pedal itself as the sound was very audible from inside the car and under the steering wheel/dashboard area.

Fortunately, the squeaking/creaking sound has stopped – I had drove through the puddle on Sunday, and the sound stopped late Wednesday/early Thursday. This same thing has certainly happened before whenever I had driven through puddles during heavy rain/flooded areas, and then squeaking/creaking went away after 2-3 days. Being that this took some time to go away it worried me, especially since I changed my brake pads mid to late 2015, and I only use my vehicle for driving to work.

Thanks @OldcarsRbest, @GeorgeSanJose, & @monkarl for your responses!

It’s sort of hard to understand how rain water on the outside of the car could make the brake peddle itself – inside the car – make a noise. But I guess anything is possible. Next time it rains, after a drive feel the carpet around the brake pedal area, see if it is damp at all. Perhaps you’ve got a leak that is allowing water to puddle in that area. If so it’s important to stop that leak, not so much b/c of the squeaky brake pedal, but b/c it could rust-damage the vehicle’s floors which might take a pretty-penny to restore. It’s easier to prevent rust than fix it.

The carpeting around the brake pedal area was dry too, so no problem there. At one point I thought maybe the sound was coming from the soles of the shoe I was wearing while driving. I guess I’ll just try to be careful when going through large puddles or just avoid them as best I can. Bear in mind I’m not much of a car expert to properly describe what was going on, so yeah, I can certainly understand why the question seemed strange. :slight_smile:

I understand what you’re saying. I’m actually amazed that everybody else seems confused by what you’re saying. Im having the same problem except mine hasn’t gone away. Is it possible that my actual pedal is simply wearing and beginning to creak? And if so, are those replaceable? Even on the driest of days and driving in and out of parking garages (plenty of brake use) the squeak is still there when I gently apply pressure to my pedal.

The OP probably figured it out by now., 2 years later. Please do not dig back old posts.

What about if there’s a squeaky noice but when you just tap the break pedal it’s gone?

noice ( noise ) break ( brake )

Greg , you will get better results if you start your on thread with clear description of your problem and what vehicle you have . The ’ New Topic ’ button will let you do that.

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