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What makes brakes squeak when in park and pumping the pedal?

I have an 05 Camry and one front wheel has squealed when at creeping speed while partially braking ever since I put the new Duralast Gold pads on. I’ve inspected, redone and re-lubed them several times, but the squeal remains. Also tried new brake hardware, but that didn’t help. However, I just discovered one clue to what could be causing it: when I’m in park, totally stopped, and press the brake, it squeaks briefly when letting the brake pedal back up. If I pump the brakes, it’ll squeak each time, over and over. This would seem to rule out any vibration-caused brake problems, wouldn’t it? Would it likely be the piston that could be causing the squeak while in park?

Did you lube the brake pad shims?


Yes, I lubed the shims.

Are you sure the noise is coming from the front? The noise could be due to dry shoes to backing plate contact points if you have drum brakes in the rear.Those should be lubed with copper anti-seize to stop the noise.Captureshoescontactpoint

Is the noise coming from the pedal assembly?


I will have to double check, but 90% sure it’s coming from the front disc brake.

Do you mean the pedal on the inside of the car or is the “pedal assembly” on the outside, on the other side of the floor board? I’m sure the sound isn’t coming from the inside pedal.

Well, wouldn’t you know, when the car is stopped and in park, and it makes the squeaking noise, it is coming from the rear wheel! So thanks much for having me double check that. Apparently that is unrelated to my front squeal at creeping speeds because that definitely comes from the front. I haven’t messed with the back brakes for a long time and will have to address those squeaks next time I do them. The squeak while in park is not that noticeable so that one will have to wait. But thanks for the advice to double check that!