Brake over-ride systems



Toyota has just announced they will now have the brake ALWAYS over-ride the throttle. I gather this is standard on some cars but not all. I think it is poor engineering practice not to have this feature, and do not want to buy any car that is designed without it.

So I would like to know if the BMW 3 series and Honda Accord have this safety feature.


Before we all drool over brake over-ride, let’s consider how we can heel n toe with it. The Toyobaru FT86 better not have this, or my money will go straight to the Miata.


I agree with OP. Any redundancy when it’s only software and inexpensive is helpful. Get use to throttle by wire and get use to computer controlled this or that till we simplify things significantly when the ICE is replaced in many vehicles completely.

As far as brake over ride in general, with traction and stability control mandated in 2012, it’s a natural fit. With ALL mechanical throttle/brake control as “chunky” points out, it really gets in the way. But with 300 hp and rwd only in FT86 in a small car, you can bet it will. I have a mechanical brake over ride on a tractor; great for these systems, but should not be a part of a cars mechanics, only computer.


My Honda Insight has many user settings to change various behaviors of the car. A default of brake override seems to me the right answer for 99% of people 99% of the time. Flipping through some settings to change it when on a racetrack is not a burden.
I’m expecting car dealers to speak plainly about this feature on any new car sale today.


You don’t need this “feature.” The brakes on ANY car are strong enough to stop the car, even if the throttle is wide open. Closing the throttle helps, surely, but I’m not sure everyone wants this or needs it.

As others mentioned, heel-and-toe downshifting would not be possible with such an over-ride, and even though I’m not the best heel-and-toe practitioner, I’d hate to lose the ability to at least try it.

Maybe this is why Nissan introduced the new electronic throttle-matching shifting system on their Z-car.

BMW has the electronic throttle over-ride. Not sure about Honda.


You race your Insight?