Brake noise

I have an '08 Honda Accord. Recently I had to hit the brakes hard to avoid a car. I was at approx. 25 miles/hr. Since then the brakes randomly make a metal on metal sound. I took it to the dealership. The mechanic says the brakes are glazed and only shaving the rotors will eliminate the noise. The brakes are good and have 8mm-9mm of meat left on them. Is there another solution

Wow one hard stop glazed the brakes! I often overheat and glaze the brakes on the racetrack. I deglaze the pads by sanding with the sandpaper on a flat floor and moving the pad over it. I have deg-lazed (with limited success) by passing a scotch brite disc in a die grinder over the rotor surfaces. Turning the rotors is the most affective way that I know of.

How bad is it? If the brakes function properly, i.e. stop safely, it should self correct to some extent as you use them.

I disagree with your mechanic. I think the pads just need to have a coating of Molycoat 77 applied to back sides of the pads.

Its also possible that the shim on the back of the pad slipped, if that happened, that should be a warrantee repair.

I doubt the brake are glazed and if they were, resurfacing the rotors would not fix that problem. The pads would have to be replaced.

These aren’t racing brake pads.

Are you sure there even is such a shim? Not all disc brakes use them. Hard to visualise how a shim being held between a hydraulic piston and the back of a brake pad slips. This type of engineering would cause the service department to be overwellmed.

process should be them same, wouldn’t it be?

are these factory OEM pads or have been replaced with something else? ceramics, full metallics, etc. I find the organic Wagner brakes (which still have 20% metallic) are the best comprimise of a pad that is good wet, dry, hot or cold and gives excellent wear and even gripping power. Glazed pads should be replaced. The standard rotors should handle the heat fine, but have them measured for thickness, parallelity (sp?) in various positions on the rotor, replace if out or too iffy to turn.

The brakes work well but the noise continues sporadically. It has been about three weeks

Get to your dealer fast! My 2008 Accord, less than 1 year old, has 0 left on the rear brakes. I am fighting to get this covered under the warranty