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Brake lights will not go off

My sister has an '89 Honda Accord. (She loves the car - and is on engine #2) When she shuts off the ignition, the brake lights will not go off. She has to disconnect the battery to turn them off. Pulling fuses does not work. Thoughts?

Most likely, the brake light switch either needs to be adjusted or it needs to be replaced. I suspect that she may be pulling the wrong fuses.

OK, thanks! I will pass that along to her-

I agree. Sounds like a bad brake light switch. The switch is located under the dashboard, and it contacts the brake pedal arm.

Which fuses did she pull?

IIRC, this car has two fuse panels. One under the dash and one under the hood.

But, even if she does locate the correct fuses to pull when the car is parked, I see two problems here:

If she is in a hurry when she wants to take a ride in the car, she may forget to reinsert the fuse, thus leaving her without brake lights.

And, even if she does consistently remember to reinsert that fuse, it is likely that those brake lights are on constantly while she drives the car. Any driver following her will soon ignore her brake lights when he realizes that those lights are on constantly. That is essentially the same as driving a car with NO brake lights, simply because drivers behind her will not know when she does hit the brake.

One panic stop and her car will be wrecked, along with the car(s) in back of her, simply because they did not know that she was applying the brake.

Get this fixed before she causes an accident.

Thanks so much! I talked with her ysterday and it was the brake light switch. She replaced it, and all is good. Thanks!