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2000 Chrysler 300M Electric Problem

I have a 2000 Chrysler 300M. I am the original owner and the car has performed great. I have one problem though that has every one that has looked at it stumped. Every once and a while, it is now starting to occur more frequently, when I turn off the ignition the brake lights stay on. The only thing I can do is to open the hood and disconnect the battery at the junction on the passenger side. And now sometimes when I do that the car will not start and I have to disconnect both sides of the terminal to start the car.

Have the brake switch under the dashboard looked at for damage or mis-adjustment. There should be a switch that opens when the brake pedal is pushed down that activates the brake lights. Sometimes they work themselves loose, other times they get pounded out of shape, and must be replaced. This should be an easy fix.