Brake lights don't go out

When I let off the brakes the brake lights do not turn off I have to pull up on the pedal to turn the brake lights off so I can use my cruise control. How do I fix it?

It could be the brake light switch. When you press the brake, the switch is activated. If it sticks, it may prevent the pedal from returning to its proper position.

You really should just get under the dash and take a look. You can’t “hope for the best” with brakes.

@dennismichael–your brake light switch needs to be replaced. When you pull up on the pedal to turn the brake lights off to make the cruise control work, you have confirmed that the switch is the problem. The brake light switch turns off the cruise control when the brakes are applied.
If you look under the dashboard, you will see the switch that is activated by the brake pedal. On most cars, it can be changed without tools. Unplug the connector and slide the switch out of its holder. A new switch can be purchased at an auto parts store for about $20. If you have never changed a brake light switch before, you can probably do it in about 20 minutes. Once you have change one, the next time will take about 5 minutes.

Hopefully a simple adjustment of the switch is all is needed but if that doesn’t work then a new switch will be needed.

Good comments above. Since the OP does not identify the make/model/year, be aware on some cars, the brake light switch is part of the hydraulic system, installed on the master cylinder, not under the brake pedal. If the switch is under the brake pedal, while it is almost certainly the switch, there’s a chance it is the master cylinder that is failing too.