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Brake light trouble

I have a 1998 Chevrolet Lumina with about 121K miles. I have recently been told by other drivers while at stop lights that my only brake light is the high center mounted light. I know that the bulbs are fine because I replaced them about 2 months ago. I checked the fuses and they are fine as well. Yesterday, while backing into my parking spot in the parking deck, I put the transmission into park and stepped on the brake. The left and right lights worked!!! But I also noticed a clicking sound that occurred each time I stepped on the brake while the transmission was in park. The sound seemed to come from the lower region of the instrument panel near the steering column shaft. This morning when I stepped on the brake to shift out of park, the clicking sound was there. It does not click when I am stepping on the brake while in any other gear than in park. I backed into my parking spot again today but noticed that I have no left or right brake lights. Help!!!

The clicking sound is the transmission safety that prevents you from shifting out of park without having your foot on the brake. It is normal and not a part of the brake light problem you are having. I don’t know that particular model. Does it use the same bulbs for turn signals as brake lights too? If so, the problem may be in the turn signal switch.

You are going to need an automotive electrician or at least someone with a factory service manual. If you have a brake light monitor relay somewhere in the vehicle, it could be the cause of the left and right lights not working, the center light is not monitored in those systems.