Brake Light Flashing


I have a 1988 Chevy P/U C3500. My problem is that the brake light on the dash keeps flashing, it appears to be flashing a code, one long flash and one short flash, the brake system has been blead and all four breaks have been replaced. there doesn’t seem to be any adverse affects on the breaks. Can anyone tell me how to get the darnd light to stop flashing? Other than unpluging the light.

Kirk Engel


Perhaps your parking brake is not fully released.

Does the brake pedal fully return to rest after use? If the pedal doesn’t return completely, the warning system thinks the brakes are being dragged.

I don’t remember what year the high center stop light was installed on the back of the truck cabs, but if it is burnt out, the warning light will come on.

Is the brake fluid up to the full mark?

Air in the brake system?


The lamp may be in the alternator circuit. Have the alternator checked, it may have some bad diodes.


Thanks for the replys. The break fluid is full, Breaks have been bled,no “spongy pedal”, no center light, and the emergency break is in the full up position, no contact with the switch. The light is flashin a distinct signal, long, short, long, short. I am thinking (that’s where I get in trouble, when I think)that there is a computer function that needs to be cleared, i.e. there was a problem but now it’s gone, I just don’t know how to clear it.


This could be the RWABS module. Unplug it and see if the flashing stops.


That was it! thank you. I unpluged the module and the light quit flashing, plugged it back in and problem solved. whoda’ thunk it would be that easy?

Thanks again