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Brake light comes/ stays on (mom's 2002 Lincoln Continental)

Mom’s 2002 Lincoln Continental has 80,000 miles. Recently she’s noticed that after she exits the vehicle the brake lights will come on by themselves and stay on until it drains the battery. It has only done that once in her garage. It baffled us as to why her brand new battery was dead. We charged it and she drove it and it was fine. Where she works, she can see her car from her desk. Her brake lights just came on by themselves. How she remedies this is by going out and tap once on the brake pedal asnd light goes out and stays out. She only seems to notice it coming on right after she parks and gets out. Then, like I said, she can tap the brake pedal and make light go out and stay out. She’s getting tired of this and asked for my help. Can you guys help me?

Would I be close if I wondered if the switch on the brake pedal needs replaced?? Lincolns and Cadillacs freak me out with all their computers. I’m only used to old stuff that I tinkered on in high school. I would like to save her a trip to the repair shop if possible but at the same time I don’t want to crash her computers. :slight_smile:

Thanks for you time. Look foward to your responses. There’s a WEALTH of knowledge at this site!!


The switch is either sticking or out of adjustment. I’ve had to replace one before but the lights stayed on all the time. If you get under there and take a look, see if the switch is all the way depressed and the brake lights are still on. If not adjust it down a little so more pressure is put on the switch.

hmm. if it was out of adjustment, wouldn’t it do it all the time?? it’s a great start. next time I’m at her house, I’ll check that. THANKS!!!

If I remember correctly there was a recall for Ford/Lincoln/Mercury brake light switches of this era for the same problem you describe. A call to your local dealer with the VIN handy might be in order.

I do know that the Motorcraft replacement switch is of an updated design and also includes a replacement wiring harness.

I would only add that the Recall mentioned involved the very real danger of the car catching on fire at any time due to this problem.

Two homes in Oklahoma City were severely burned in separate incidents a few years ago due to this problem when their Ford vehicles caught on fire after being parked in the garage.

I got Recall letters on both of my Lincolns and one of them advised me to not park the vehicle near a house, trees, or anything combustible until the Recall was performed.