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Brake light comes on on bumps

Hi there, in a recent show a listener described the exact problem I just started to have - the dash hand brake light pops on when i go over bumps or up my driveway. Tom & Ray said it was a fluid level problem but I don’t remember which it was. Was it brake fluid or power steering fluid or something else? Can anyone help?

Brake fluid.

Yup, shadowfax is correct.
Your brake fluid is low enough for the float in the master cylinder to trigger the warning light on the dashboard.
That light serves double duty as a warning that your e-brake is on, and/or that your brake fluid is low.

When the level of your brake fluid drops, it indicates that–
Your brake pads are worn, possibly very worn, and need to be checked/replaced
There is a leak in the brake hydraulic system

So–you need to get this car to a competent mechanic a.s.a.p., before you lose the ability to stop the car.

Which fluid do you think pertains to the brakes? The brake fluid or the power steering fluid?? Surely not the washer fluid.

Thanks for your help.