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2004 Kia Brakes (Optima)

This morning on the way into work my Brake Light (the one on the Dash AKA Dummy Light) came on. I have noticed over the weekend my brakes were a bit squishy and planned on working on them this coming weekend. I assumed I need to replace the brake pads, but what is causing the dummy light on the dash to come on? Do I have a more serious “problem” than usual maintenance? How do I get this light to turn off?assume that replacing brake pads will not get the light to magically turn off.

I have not checked the brake fluid level (Hey I?m at work right now?I?ll do it over the lunch hour) but when I changed my oil less than 800 miles ago all was ok. 2004 Kia Optima LX 80K miles

The warning light on your dashboard indicates a low level of brake fluid in the master cylinder. Additionally, on some cars, it serves double duty by indicating that the e-brake is on.

I suggest that you check that fluid before you drive the car again. If it is low, that could just be from badly worn brake pads (as the pads wear, the calipers draw more fluid from the master cylinder), or it could be the result of a hydraulic leak.

This is not an issue to fool around with. Check and correct the fluid level before you drive the car and check it right after that for a leak and for worn brake pads.

Or, simply release the e-brake!

The light is probably warning you of low brake fluid in the reservoir. Check this before you drive home. Also check the owner’s manual for other reasons the light may be on. On some vehicles this light serves multiple purposes.