Brake job price

What do you think of $400 for a front brake job (rotors and pads)?
1999 Lexus ES300.

Sounds fine to me.

Actually what is more important is how do you feel about it . Since we don’t know where you are or what facility this is how would someone know if that is a good market price.

I feel fine. The real question is how YOU feel about it.


Depends on who does the work and whether the parts are OEM or not.


Professional mechanic, quality parts, backs their work, sounds like a good deal

A random bum under a tree with random parts, not a good deal


DIY it would cost less than $100…

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Well I don’t think its out of line. I’ve got parts waiting to do mine. The OEM pads were $40 and I paid $129 for two rotors. And I know the rotors for a Pontiac are cheaper. So a hundred or so for labor and you’re up to $400. Maybe $200 at Midas or someplace with cheap pads and rotors so guess you get what you pay for.

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No offense intended . . .

If you spend only $100 for 2 front vented rotors and a set of pads . . . chances are they’re not the best quality

If that was my car, I’d be spending more than $100 for those parts


I’ m guess around $250 for the parts and 1 1/2 hours labor . So $400 seems a fair price to me.

I don’t where you guys are buying brake parts. Can get good quality rotors and pads for this Lexus for under $100. Look at rockauto.


I just did my front rotors and pads on my chevy for $90 from advance.

If it were my car I’d have no issues using aftermarket brake parts, and install them myself, save a pretty penny. But for somebody else’s car, oem brake parts purchased from a Lexus dealership, and having them professionally installed is the safest way to go. $400 is small potatoes in the car repair world.

I’m quite familiar with Rockauto

I suspect our definitions of “good quality” differ . . .

No offense intended

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So the 10+ options for brake rotors at rockauto are all low quality??

If the OP is going to an independent mechanic or a chain, he’s probably going to get average quality aftermarket parts if he’s lucky. He might even be getting the cheapest parts available.

Well, maybe 8 of the 10 are low quality. Notice they have categories for Economy, Daily Driver, Professional and Performance. Why do you think that is?

Lemme translate those headers; Cheap (not on MY cars), OK (maybe, on my oldest), Best (yes, I’d use those), and Unnecessary.


Chain store, I may agree with you. But good independents I know use good quality parts. And many times OEM is NOT the best replacement.

I like Rockauto but I don’t know how you can tell anything about the quality of the rotors from the information available. All you can do is go by brand and hope for the best. That’s why I buy rotors local so I can look at them plus they are pretty heavy to ship. Now the pads range anywhere from $5 on up to $30+.

Isn’t the ES300 a spiffed-up Camry? It’s not surprising that there are lots of low-cost options available.

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