Brake feedback

I have a 2004 Trailblazer and was getting feed back throy the brake peddel. My mech changed the roters and pads on the front and it was fine for a week. Now the feed back is back. What do you think is the problem.

Maybe I’m getting a little slow, but what do you mean by “brake feedback”?

Feedback Feedback

I believe that Mr./Ms. Chefrich is referring to a pulsing or somehow vibrating pedal, one that doesn’t just sit under one’s foot like a dead lump. Sticking or dragging calipers, or ones that don’t slide, can contact the rotors even while not braking, causing excessive heat and warpage. This could be why it went away with new rotors, they got heated, warped, and feedback came back. Check the calipers to be sure they are both releasing, fully.

Check the rear brakes, too. They are also operated by the pedal.