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Brake job problems

i have some pulsating in my brakes when i would brake or slow down and i figured it was the pads well i change them and nope same pulsate so somebody tells me its the rotors that they might be warped so i replace the front rotors and well it gotten better but i still get it and twice when i stopped it seemed like my brakes either slipped or couldn’t totally stop. could it be the calipers or air in my brakes i don’t know if anybody can help

On offense, but it sounds like you don’t know enough about the brakes to be messing with them.

Tardis I love ya but there was one day when all of us were not the wizards we are today. That being said you are right tardis.

if your not willing to help then dont

No offense, but I think very few posters will be able to make anything out of your post. It is very difficult to follow, hence probably very few replies.

Translation: The car still has some pulsation and now has trouble stopping after replacing brake pads than rotors.

My guess is you need to bleed the brakes (of air) for the stopping problem.

You don’t need to use poor language as it does not help convey your point or add anything.

Sorry man, but I have to say I was thinking the same thing. And then as far as replies go - its a really hard post to read - try some capital letters and spaces between sentences.

Then there is the obvious lack of knowledge, I know I was just thinking I’d need to write a book to start helping you get it straight.

If you decide to stop back I’ll just say that brake pedal shudder, if it is related to the brakes, will not come from pads. It will come from rotors. You stuck new pads on old rotors and probably wrecked those pads. Then put new rotors on wrecked pads - so now you probably just have a mess.

Then there is the fact that this shudder can be from worn front end parts. For that you just need a front end/alignment shop to look it over.

For the brake rotors you need to make sure of many things: perfectly clean rotor to hub mating surface, properly torqued lug nuts, proper operation of calipers including slide pins, good wheel bearings…

Anyway, your post just says that you shouldn’t be messing with it. But you can pick up a repair manual for about $20 from an auto parts shop. It will help you a lot. There are also lots of “how to” videos and instruction sites on the web. You don’t just tear brakes apart and slap them back together. And you need to have someone check out your front end.

I would guess it is a caliper problem, since rotors and pads have been taken care of.

Properly done, the brake rotors should always be surfaced when replacing brake pads.

You should keep in mind there are a number of things that can cause a brake shudder that are not related to the brakes at all.
Worn ball joint, tie rod, tie rod end, loose wheel bearing, control arm bushing, strut rod bushing, etc, etc.
A bit late now but all new rotors should be thoroughly cleaned with brake or carburetor cleaner before installing them as many have a rust prevention film on them. Fail to remove that and you run the risk of gumming up brake pads.

I really hate to ask this, but did you use detergent or brake cleaner to take the oil off the new rotors?