Brake dust on wheels



I would like to know a great way to keep the brake dust build up off my 2006 dodge magnum there any solution to this problem without installation of a different brake pads???is there an easy way to clean this off??? I hate to see this dust build up because I like a very clean car.the dealer said, the only way is to have the matelic pads installed.please give me some help. thanks


To keep the dust off without using ceramic pads:

To clean the dust off the wheels:


You might ask a local independent mechanic who has been recommended by a friend or co-worker. It may well be what you have been told is right.


Your hard on your brakes. I understand that these brake dishes are not recommended. It doesn’t let air move around enough to cool the rotor. You need to go to ceramic or carbon metallic pads otherwise you need to ease up on the hard braking and there are some pretty good mag wheel cleaners out on the market. You will still need to use a brush on them to get them really clean especially if there not coated.


Just be sure to spray the wheel cleaner VERY carefully, so as to not get it on the brake rotors.


Michelin sells a brake dust repellent. I tried it for a short time on my wife’s car and didn’t really notice a difference, but you could try it and see if you have more luck. See:

I do like the tire shine on that page, by the way. It’s not too glossy and it doesn’t completely come off after a day of rain or a car wash.


I have a cousin and his wife who uses ceramic brakes to cut down on the brake dust. They have Corvettes that they enter in car shows on weekends. They still have to use a high pressure blast of air on them when they get to the show. It works for them.