A lot of brake dust


I can’t keep my wheels clean on my 2005 Chrysler Town and Country, (I bought it new, my first Chrysler product). The dealer says its normal. I have never seen so much mess on any car that I have ever owned.Any ideas?


You could try a different brand of brake pads. It might help and it might not. There’s only one way to find out.

Or you could just decide to accept dirty wheels.


This is normal on certain cars. I believe the Chrysler T&C is one of them, so is the Mazda3 (unless they found a way to prevent it). I had an '84 Buick with that problem and simply ignored it. But it hosed off easily enough. As McP suggested, you can just accept it.


Have you checked for a pad upgrade to ceramic? I found ceramic pads for my Explorer that have far less brake dust than semi-metallics. They do cost more, but keep the factory mags looking clean, and last just a bit longer with less noise. I don’t feel any difference in brake performance, but I hardly ever need to hit them hard. I did once a few weeks ago, and they did their job.