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Brake disassembly?

When I took my 2010 Camry for its 15000 mile service (oil change & tire rotation), the service agent told me I should pay $320 for a service package that included disassembling the brakes for cleaning. Did I do right by declining?

The complete list of services in the package would be needed to judge whether it was worth $320.

Did I do right by declining?
Indeed you did. Now you need to question whether you can trust a service department like that - given how they care more about lining their pockets than doing right by you.

For one thing, there’s no reason whatsoever a one year old car with 15k miles on it needs this service done. For another thing, there is no reason whatsoever this service should cost $320. The shop I used to work for charged $25 for this service when I was there, and I don’t think that has changed since I left.

Total waste of money!

You don’t say what else was in the $320 package, but if it wasn;t listed in your maintenence schedule that came with your Camry, then it is not needed. And I can guarantee you that disassembling the brakes for cleaning is NOT included in your recommended maintenance schedule.

The stuff they’re coming up with to generate revenue since the market tanked has astounded me.

I want to relate a story I had with these maintenence services from a dealer.

I had a Saturn with less than 12,000 miles and under 12 months,it had a horrible grinding noise coming from the front brakes. I brought it in to Saturn because it was still under warranty(wear items like brakes have a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty).

The service Manager drove the car and confirmed the noise. He then asked what I expected him to do, I told him I expected him to fix it under warranty. He said that since I hadn’t done the 6000 mile maintenence service(which included a brake cleaning and adjustment) he wasn’t going to cover the brakes under warranty.

I stood my ground and told him he can’t deny a warranty repair because I hadn’t done the maintenence service at his shop. We went round and round and he finally gave in and repaired the brakes. I’ve worked for GM and know exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

My point is you don’t have to have the service done at his shop but be prepared for the service department to try and pull something similiar in the future.