Brake Cleaning



I just returned from the dealer after having some routine maintenance done. The cost was $303 for the 60k maintenance package. I can live with that; however, I was also informed that my brakes needed “cleaning” which would cost about another $500. I declined. Is brake cleaning really necessary? Why would I pay $500 to have my brakes cleaned when new brakes wouldn’t cost much more? I’m feeling a bit scammed…I’d very much appreciate any information re the necessity of cleaning brakes. Thanks so much!


There must be a misunderstanding in the price. There is no way it could cost $500 to have the brakes cleaned and adjusted.

What year,make,and model is it?

Willey, logged off again.


You’re feeling a bit scammed? Close. You ought to be feeling hugely scammed. I have no idea what the dealer meant by brake cleaning. It’s simply unheard of.


Maybe they were talking about (or including) flushing the brake system. Many experts here recommend that as periodic maintenance. Even so, $500 seems kind of steep for a 1 to 2 hour job (my guess of the book rates).


Art may be right about what they’re suggesting. However, check your owner’s manual. If it ain’t there, it ain’t needed. And if it is there, the price they quoted is way steep. Unless, of course, you have a Bugatti Veyron.


Ask for an itemized, written estimate on your dealer’s letterhead. This may be cause for a revised assessment of the work needed. If the dealer gives you the estimate and it is as you described then run it over to your local TV station’s fix-the-scam people.

You might want to tell your dealer that is all you need to know about their business and won’t be back.


Thanks to EVERYONE for the information! I’m going to check the manual, then revisit the dealer to request an itemized estimate. All solid, common sense advice I was too burnt to consider. Thank you again for all the great suggestions!!!


Hi Willey,
Thanks for your reply! The car is a 2001 Toyota 4runner with 72k miles.


I can only assume that the want to flush the brake fluid that should be done about every two years. The stuff absorbs moisture and can become a safety problem under emergency conditions. However $500??? Never.

Brake cleaning to mean means blowing out the brake dust to reduce brake noise and improve the looks. That one should cost about $5.00 not $500.00


Brake cleaning or brake system flushing(Removing All brake fluids, and replenish with new fluid) maybe 1 hr if the mechanic, takes too many coffee brakes or have a smoke every 5 min. Never $500.00. JN


If I’m not mistaken you have disk brakes on each wheel. Disk brake clean themselves. If they ment, resurfacing your disk,then this is another story. That is if they are warp and need resurfacing, still this would never cost $500.00.