Squeaky brakes

My driver’s side front brakes (I thought) were squealing. I had the front brakes done 7K miles ago. I took the car to Direct Tire in Watertown and they said I need new brakes and they would be glad to do the job for $390.00. They also offered a “Brake Service” for $160 which is what I agreed to. Now the brakes squeal just as much as they did before the $160 job and the Brake light on the dash is blinking on and off. I took the car to Midas in Watertown and they said the front brakes are fine and it’s the rear brakes that are squealing. I don’t know who to believe! Is there a reputable Toyota mechanic in the Watertown area who won’t perform uneeded work and charge me for it?

What exactly did they do for the $160.00? Brake service???

It is not totally clear from your message, I am guessing you did not have new brakes done for $390.00 right?