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Brake caliper

how to remove clip on caliper brake

Cindy, What Model-Year Is the Cutlass ? Are These Front Brakes ?

What have you removed so far to get to the clip you can’t remove ? Do you have any kind of a manual or instructions ?


it is a 1999,we have put it back together removed the bolts to find the clips we did not know how to get off. no manual or instructions clip is located on the outside of the caliper

Cindy, Front Brakes ? Have You Removed The Brake Caliper (Leaving The Flexible Brake Hose Attached), Yet ?

Are you sure the “clip” isn’t just the wear indicator that is part of the outboard brake pad ? Could the “clip” be anti-rattle clips ?

Try going to and registering. Input information about your car and select “repair guides” and “brakes”.


See If Your Local Auto Parts Store Sells A Service Manual For Your 99 Olds Or Try The Local Library For A “Reference Book” Service Manual.
Look At The Brakes Section Before Buying Anything To Be Sure It Will Help You.


front brakes ,the clip on the outside of the top of the caliper does this prevent the caliper fron comming off the rotor