Brake booster

what would be the best way to pull a brake booster off a 2000 olds.bravada(besides someone else doing it for me.)

Doing it yourself.

You’d need to disconnect brake lines from the master cylinder underhood and disconnect booster/master cylinder assembly from the brake pedal lever and bracket in the driver’s-side footwell.

Get a factory or an aftermarket service manual, as there may be some handy diagrams, pictures, or order of disassembly information you could profit from.

Usually, 4 studs hold the booster to the firewall. Look at the fasteners from under the hood to determine their location. Then try and find the four nuts securing the booster on the firewall next to and a little above the steering column. If you can’t even find the nuts, better have a pro do it…But if you CAN spot the 4 nuts and get a socket wrench on them, it’s a pretty simple job. Remove the Master cylinder (but leave the brake lines attached) remove the brake rod from the brake pedal arm, and remove the 4 nuts holding the booster in place. That’s about it…

pretty simple…i agree that getting the four nuts off the studs is easy,but getting to them is a real pain.i dont want to tear the carpeting or the sound muffling stuff under would it be easier to remove the steering column,and if so…how