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2000 Passat....brake booster removal

I’m helping my mechanic swap engines from one 2000 passat to a 2001 passat. He’s worked on this Passat, but not this particular area.
I think the owner of said vehicles is going thru his midlife period. So we have to swap the engine and trans from the bad car (deer accident) to the replacement car that had a bad engine with a broken piston.

We have one problem that we cannot figure out. We need to pull the pedal unit out from the Standard and put it into the car that had the automatic and bad engine. We both have tried to figure out how the actuator shaft from the brake booster is disconnected from the pedal itself. Between the firewall and the pedal under the dash, the booster shaft has a nut on that shaft. Does that shaft unscrew from the forward side of the pedal or are we missing something.
Every thing else pertaining to the pedals is off and the unit is loose.


The booster push rod is connected to the pedal with a ball and socket. There is a special tool shown to disconnect the push rod from the pedal but you should be able to figure out a way to remove it without the tool.

Thanks Nevada;
I’ll be going over again tomorrow and I’ll let him know what I found.

I’m sure with all the tools that he has…we can make something work