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Charging light on intermitently

Sometime when I start my vehicle the charging light will be on. Other times it does not come on.
When it does come on, if I turn my car off and back on the light will go away. It may take turning it off and back on a few times but it goes away and I have no problems. What should I look at or what could be causing this issue?


You should have the battery and alternator checked first to see if they are good. You did not give enough info such as year of car and age of battery.

A suggestion… if the charging light comes on, don’t turn your car off and back on. At some point it won’t turn back on.

The light is telling you the alternator is not charging up the battery enough. If the battery is a bit drained - from multiple short starts or a sitting for a while - the light may stay on for as much as 15 seconds or so while then go out. That’s normal but its telling you your battery may need replacing or that something is being left on and running down your battery while the car is off.

If the light stays on, the car is running off the battery and will stop running some distance down the road. How far?? Depends on lots of things but don’t depend on it to get you to work. Have your alternator and battery checked.

Sorry, thought the info was in the header. It is a 2010 chrysler sebring. The battery is new, two months old.

That does not mean the alternator/regulator isn’t flakey or that there isn’t a corroded and/or flakey connection in one of the battery cable connections… or even the engine ground.

Make sure the connections to the alternator and the battery are making a good solid clean connection. If the connections are good then the trouble is most likely to be with the alternator but the trouble could be something else within the charging system. Proper testing should be done before replacing anything but intermittent problems aren’t easy to find.

Exactly how long is it on when you start the car? Most cars light up all of the warning lights when you first start them so that you can see whether or not one has a dead bulb. They will turn off, usually not at the same time, after several seconds.