'99 Maxima - why does the brake light and battery light stay on

After I started the car, the brake & battery lights came on & stayed on. The battery is new - less than a month old. The car just had a 90k service and all fluids were checked etc. What might be causing this to happen. The car was fine all day. Never had this problem before. Any suggestions? Thanks

Verify that your park brake is totally disengaged. The battery light stays on while driving? If you give it gas does it go off? It would be a good idea to peek under the hood and check the level in the master cylinder. On driver side clear canister probably. Clear fluid.should be almost full and level front to back most of the time. The battery light could be a short to volage from brake light but not likely. The battery light will come on if your alternator is putting out less than battery voltage. Alternator should be tested. If you have a compass you can pass it over the wire from battery to alternator if it changes what north should be it is charging at least some. Cool trick. You can also touch a screwdriver to the back of the alternator on bearing area and there will be a magnetic pull on driver. The more it’s putting out the stronger the field. It may be that your bad alternator caused you to have a bad battery a month ago and the brake is not related. Thanks for hearing me out. I’m not a tech I just try to think like one. Ed

The combination of a brake warning light and a charging system warning light almost always indicates that the alternator is failing. I strongly suggest that you have your mechanic check the alternator’s output a.s.a.p., as the alternator may have only hours or days until it fails completely and kills your new battery.

thank you!