Boxed oil?

The bottles are mostly 5 quart. This is 3 gallons. A 5 quart box would not be so bad. BTW as for cost, it is around $33 ($2.75 qt) where the 2-5qt bottles at Costco are $25($2.50 per qt).

No, it is 6 quarts, or 1.5 gallons. That’s 1 quart more than the typical big plastic jug.

The Supertech is 12 quarts, or 3 gallons.

In my local Walmart, it was three gallons.

I see now. I was referring to the Havoline oil in the photo.

It should have a tap so you can easily fill your glass.

I didn’t see the Havoline at the time I posted this but they have it now. Would be kind of convenient since my truck holds 6 quarts.

Yesterday at Costco, I noticed that they now also have Kirkland Signature fully synthetic 0W20 engine oil. A few weeks ago, they only had 5W30 house brand full synthetic.

The 0W20 house brand full synthetic also meets the Dexos specs

Near the bottom of the carton it says Warren Distributing Inc. They supply things for us at work, so as far as I’m concerned they’re a known entity

But for the equivalent price of $2.499/quart, I suspect it’s base 3 . . . and I know some don’t consider this a true synthetic, even though “they” are legally allowed to market it as such

I just handled one at the store, no problem (6 qts is 1.5 gal.) Even with 1qt. bottles I fill with a funnel, so no difference there. A six qt. container would be just right for our Outback and BMW with any extra going into labeled 1qt bottles. I expect our curbside recycling will accept the old oil in these boxes, and they appear to use less plastic. The retailer probably appreciates how they pack more densely during shipping and on the shelf. I still have a self piercing spout for a metal oil can, don’t miss those leaking.

I stll have a one qt glass oil bottle with a screw on metal tapered top. Don’t have the little metal cap for the top though. I remember a lot of those cans that you pierced with the curved funnel as having a cardboard body with metal ends.

Here are some of the old school bottles

My days as a mechanics helper included keeping dozens of those bottles full plus several 1 gallon cans with a long swivel pour spout.

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We sold used oil - IIRC it was called re-refined - at a Hudson station on US Highway 18 in Waukesha, WI during summer of 1970 (overnight shift while I was in college) - in those glass bottles with metal snouts. They were in a caddy made of steel rods, like milkmen used to use. As I recall it was $0.19 per quart. New fresh oil outsold it and was, what, maybe $0.49/qt?

I worked at a Sohio station from '72-'75, we didn’t have any glass bottles, only the cans. The cheapest was $.0.90/qt, the best (“Nitrex”) around $2.00 I think. On a cold day we were supposed to do the ‘shake test’, shake each one for the customer, show how much ‘better’ the Nitrex sounded. Sure,I did it, I got commission!

Our Citgo station had three grades of oil which cost–IIRC–, .39/qt, .49/qt, and .59/quart.
One day, a customer asked a co-worker, “What’s the difference between the 39 cent oil and the 59 cent oil?”, and the response was, “What’s the difference between chicken sh*t and chicken salad?”.

Luckily, the customer laughed, and he opted for the 49 cent oil

I remember going to Sears and getting new oil for 15 cents a quart dispensed into your container. 30 weight for the summer and 20 weight for the winter.

I’m old enough to remember all those, but we only went to the Shell station.

That guy has got a million dollars in inventory though.