Inflation is nuts for oil

was searching for oil prices and looked at Walmart as they are always cheaper than autozone or advanced auto parts. Their super tech brand full synthetic (10K miles) was like $15 to 16 for 5 qts and is 19.68 now. Their 20K version of Super Tech synthetic for 5 qts was like 18 or so on introduction and now is 26.48. Geez, that’s more than most name brands Walmart sells. yikes. I just can’t see walmart pricing these store versions more than name brands but I checked and checked the website. I need to go to the store and see if that’s what is listed on the shelves.

ST used to be 14.88 then it went to 17 or so. Going over $20 is annoying
How much is the 2.5 gal box now?

And now if you preorder stuff for in store pickup there is a $1.40 service charge on an $18.99 item at menards! Maybe it has always been that way.

Why worry about something like this . Everything is more expensive now. It is simple if you don’t like the price you find something less expensive or just pay it and go on with your life.


Whatever linkage there is between crude oil price and packaged motor oil price, it’s been weak for a long time now.

So you haven’t seen the news that inflation is the highest it has been in 40 years? That is reflected in the price of things like motor oil.

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Many years ago I learned that, “Price is based on what you can get for it, not on what it costs”.

In the case of motor oil we’re seeing the effect of OPEC price setting (limiting supply) with retailers taking advantage of increased gasoline demand combined with the building consumer “Inflation” expectation. (Since gas prices increased, consumers are expecting price increases on related products, which gives us “cover” to raise prices on them even and enrich our Bottom Line, although demand for motor oil hasn’t significantly increased).

On the other hand, Costco is currently selling their 2 pack of 5 quart Kirkland Signature Synthetic for $34.99 or $17.50 per jug.

Oil prices have about doubled over the last 2 1/2 years, coming off the Covid lows. But that means they went from about $1/gallon to $2/gallon. So that accounts for $0.25/quart of the engine oil increase.


Oil prices at Walmart have been flat for the last decade while crude went fro $90 barrel 5 years ago to $30 barrel. And prices were flat at store. So, it goes ups 48% in the last 2 years? Why? Cuz people expect it too. It’s Covid supply chain. Right.
Walmart accountants say raise prices on everything. Even it wholesale for those items is flat.

Because Walmart has to pay more for employees to get them to show up, pay more in unemplyment taxes to make up for covid shutdowns, pay more for fuel to truck product to the store, pay more for stockers in the warehouse, pay more for the shipping to the warehouse, and pay more for the products because their suppliers had pay their employees more and on and on…

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What’s the price per mile?

Inflation is nuts for everything, not just oil. Have you eaten at a restaurant lately? Bought clothes? Gone grocery shopping? Looked at used cars?

A shop has to pay $17/hr plus benefits to find someone to sweep the floor, park cars, run parts, and take out the garbage. But since the kid who used to make $14/hr now makes $17, the mechanic who was working for $25 now has to earn $30, right? And so on, all the way up to the senior guy in the shop who negotiated a 18% salary increase and an extra week vacation.

The demand for rising wages means that additional money has to come from somewhere, and there’s no magic. We just have to charge more money for what we sell. We’ve raised our labor rate for the third time in 2 years, and have increased the margin on our parts.

So now the guy who couldn’t afford to live on $14/hr can look forward to not affording to live on $17/hr.


This is not actually true, because what happens in reality is that the “spread” between apprentice pay and journeyman pay shrinks. The apprentice who used to be paid $13/hr now makes $20/hr, but the man with 10 years of experience, who used to make $22/hr now makes $25/hr. So the rising wages/rising costs do help those on the bottom, at least somewhat.

Gas and oil have gone up probably 75% since this admin took over with their energy policies .

How can you say that? Regular gas was over $4.00/gal in the early 2000s, now under $3.00/gallon.
The only major dip in gas prices was at the peak of the pandemic when the nation was shut down and there was very little demand for gas.

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That has about zero to do with it. The domestic industry’s drilling cratered because of low prices. That can’t be cured quickly. Kind of like the chip shortage.

for that type, truth has little to do with it. everything is political.


Apparently you have forgotten how much more we paid for things because of the Orange Moron Tariffs .


Look at this graph of US average gas prices and you’ll see that changes of POTUS have noting to do with it.


$3.84 last time I filled up.