Bottom grille just fell off 2012 Corolla

  1. Is it essential I fix it ASAP?
  2. Ballpark, how much would this cost?

I bumped a wall in a parking garage. Bee popping it in myself but it kept popping back out. I was driving on the highway and it fell out completely.


It’s not essential to fix right away.

The cost to repair depends on what’s broken.


With the attached link you can see what OEM replacement parts would cost.
And, with the linked information, you might be able to find a good replacement at the boneyard.

Did you loose the grille? If its just detached,you just push it from behind the bumper cover until it snaps into place.Make sure it is flush with the bumper cover. Its a 5 minute job. Same thing happened to my 2013 during a slight impact with a light post.I drove like this for a while until I realized it was hanging loose.

Keep an eye on the engine coolant temperature gauge. The grill is part of the engine’s cooling system design. I doubt you’ll notice any difference, but imo should be verified.

Yup. I lost the grille on the highway. I heard something drop and knew of only one conclusion. I have been trying to pop the thing back in on my own for about 6 weeks now and would get it to go for 3 or 4 days and then would notice it hanging on half way again. Dont know where I went wrong.

Not having it repaired properly or just removing it until you could.

Don’t know about your Corolla, but my bottom grill just snaps in with plastic clips, all it takes is a minor contact for it to pop out.
To me they seem to be more decorative than anything else.

Take a look at this video. You can freeze the image at the 3:18 minute mark to see how the lower grill is fastened. - YouTube

It was loose, and that caused him to lose it.

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I am well aware of this if you bother to check my replies.