Both My Headlights Went out at the sametime (2005 Ford Crown Victoria)

I have a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria.Yesterday While Driving Both Of The HEADLIGHTS went out at the sametime,But the High Beams work.Also When Its On The 1st mode The brake Lights Stay on,But When I change it To the 2nd Mode The Brake Lights Wont Even Come on when I hit the brakes

I added The Pic To Show yall what I mean by 1st mode & 2nd ModeCar%20pic

If this was limited to just the headlights I would say that you had one headlight burned out for a while and did not notice until the 2nd burned out. But adding the odd brake light symptoms makes this puzzling. Check the bulbs and sockets for the brake lights, you may have a short or corrosion in the sockets. When you turn the lights on there might be some way the brake lights and running lights are messing up. Frequently a dual bulb is used in the same socket in the rear.

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There was a recall on Light Control Module for models with automatic light control like yours (not the basic police model). Mine was 2003. The low beam went out, intermittently initially, but it went out permanently. I don’t know what other problems it had, but this happened only a couple of months after I received a notice to repair, so I went straight to the dealer to have that fixed. Anyway, your model year should be included, so check with your dealer to get that changed under warrantee first. I think there was a mileage limit to the free repair, perhaps 150,000 miles. Get that fixed before spending your own time and money.

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Yeah Im way pass the Mileage limit lol…Mine is at 350k…I Also Been Seeing alot of People Saying its The LCM

I think you can get a repaired used LCM.

You were Right…I took it to the dealership and They Fixed it FREE within 3hours…Thanks alot because I was gonna buy a LCM for like 160$

That’s a very good dealership you got there OP. Fixing the problem straight-away, and gratis. Makes you want to buy another Ford I bet. Good for you and good for the Ford dealership.