Electrical Problems With 2005 Crown Vic

So my cars lights started going off and on at random times for extended periods of time, and now they wont turn on at all unless I old the light control back to the flasher position. Then my interior lights slowly started going out, and then my fan control. I was thinking fuses at first but fuses just go out they don’t slowly die, leading me to think that it could be a problem with the grounding of the wires or something. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. ps, if you think you know what the problem is I can do calls or FT to show the problem in more detail.

How old is your car battery? I know weird things can start happening when your battery is about to expire.

Check the dealer to see if your Crown Vic is included in this recall.

Remember, recalls are forever.


With the engine off check the voltage on the battery, should be 12.5 + volts. Then start the engine and check the battery voltage, should be 13+ volts. If the voltage when the engine is running (alternator charging the battery) is less than 13 volts, the alternator is suspect, could be the serpentine belt, alternator or cables. If the alternator is OK and the battery voltage is below 12.5 and several years old time to replace it.

Maybe the problem is the combination switch; the one on the side of the steering column. You mention having to hold it back so…

Those are comparatively cheap and easy to change if necessary. About 50 to 75 for the part depending. Drop the knee panel, remove steering column cover, disconnect wire plugs, 2 screws attaching the switch, and you’re half done other than reassembly.