My uncle has a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria LX, while he is driving the headlights will shut off,after a few minutes they will come back on. He does not touch any controls. Thanks


Are only low beams shut off; or, do both high and low beams shut off? IF just one shuts off, change the relay for that. If both high and low shut off, there is a wiring problem, or, a problem with the light switch.


had the same thing happen to me years ago. had a ford --that going down a dark road ( bringing my buddy back to clarkston college) the lights shut off — what a shock!!! they came back on a few minutes later. came home the next day in daylight… found out it was the light switch. when it would heat up —off it went. i did the change myself---- but that was quite a few years ago??? you just have to have nimble fingers to get under the dash to remove it— let alone the front side of the dash?? best of luck


There is a relay in the Lighting Control Module that is going bad. It was undersized. Poor design. When it heats up, it can no longer keep the relay closed.

Replacement is about 400 dollars. But it can be repaired for about $3 if you are savvy with a soldering iron.

See http://www.p71interceptor.com/lcm/ and http://www.2carpros.com/forum/2003-ford-crown-victoria-headlights-go-off-vt106999.html


The headlight relay in this car is not changeable, unless you use a soldering iron.