Lights Out



We have a 2004 Crown Victoria whose lights go out while night driving. We had a new switch installed…that did not work. This happens after about 20 minutes of night driving. The high beam works. When the lights go out, we have to pull the high beam toward the driver and hold onto it. If we put the high beam on (by pushing the lever forward), the lights will still not work. If we stop and wait 10 to 20 minutes, the light will come on…this may last 20 minutes to several hours.

Could it be a sensor…


It is almost certainly the LCM (Lighting Control Module).


This is a very common problem. They built the lighting control modules with undersized relays. The relays get hot and the circuit opens until they cool down.

Take the LCM out and take it to your local Vocational Technical school and see if you can get a new $3 relay installed in it.

Or you can by a new LCM for 400+ dollars. Depends on how quick you need it back.