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BOSS button

What ever happened to the BOSS button? It saved my job many times when I was surfing the CT web site and not doing what I was suppose to!!!

it’s still there.


Is that what the boss button is for? I always wondered.

I still see it, at the bottom of every page. If you don’t see it, try viewing the site in a different browser. It shouldn’t make a difference, but it’s possible that your browser’s settings prevent it from showing the button.

I never even knew that was there! It shows up on my Mac browser (Safari). It’s on the bottom right of every page.

Get back to work! What are we paying you for? :wink:

Your boss knows every site you ever visited and how long you were there. Site tracking comes in “How to be the Boss 101”.

OK…I see the boss button. Please explain what it does.

I could not wait, that’s humorous!

My previous boss had that power, but my current employer is way behind the times in terms of IT. Not all workplaces are so on top of things.

Click on it more than once. You don’t always get the same results.

It’s at the very bottom, but it may not fool some bosses. Not all companies engage in “domestic trade.”

Oops. It provides random boss files each time. Even so, it won’t fool all bosses.

If it’ll fool your boss, you don’t need it.

If the Boss Button is the best you can do, your boss doesn’t need you.

I had never noticed it before, but it is an interesting little feature.
Please note that you may have to de-activate your pop up blocker in order to use it, depending on which browser you are using.

Love the “Correct answers to callers graph” on it! LOL