Bolt size


01 dodge truck 5.9 eng. power

steering bolt (top)what size is this bolt?


I give up… How big is it?


first off:

try a couple of other bolts nearby. ascertain if they are METRIC, or STANDARD.

then try 6 point sockets on it.

then you will know what size it is.

however… on a hunch, if you are having trouble figuring out the size of a bolt, maybe you should take this to a mechanic :wink: (nowhutimean?)


and if/when you get the bolt out, take it to the auto part store where thay can screw it into a bolt template to find out the size threads too.


Do you mean the retainer nut for the wheel? I’ts an offbreed size and can be bought at the dodge dealer only. The ‘bolt’ is a long shaft and a bear to remove. Just give the dealer the model and type of your vehicle and he can supply it. LEE


If it’s a 6 sided (hex) bolt, a 6 sided socket, either mertic or standard should fit well enough to remove it. A 12 sided socket might simply spin on it. Sometimes, you may have to use a hammer to force a socket, or wrench, onto a bolt which is almost the right size.