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1997 Camry missing power steering unit bolt

I’m missing a bolt hold down for the power steering unit, where can I get the spec for the bolt so I can purchase and replace that bolt?

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Is there an ACE hardware store nearby?

Remove another bolt from the power steering mounting system to see if it threads into the hole of the missing fastener.

If it does, you then know the thread size.

Now determine if the bolt that threads in is of the proper length of the missing bolt. If not, make that adjustment.

Now go to ACE, and show them the bolt. And say it needs to be this long.

And they’ll match you up with the proper bolt.


4-banger or V6?
Can you see it in the attached link? I’m having a hard time seeing what you’re alluding to in the photo.Sorry.

You could just make a guess and buy a few different sizes, bolts don’t cost that much. You know pretty much for certain it is metric, so that narrows it down. But @Tester 's idea above is what I’d do. One other thing, in some applications a bolt has to be extra strong. On those bolts, there are markings on the bolt head. Either a number or little lines. So when you remove a bolt for Tester’s idea, look at the head for any markings too, then match up the replacement bolt for both size, thread pitch, and markings.

Here, this’ll clarify George’s post.

In all honesty, I’d suggest just going to a dealer parts window, showing him what you want to replace, and getting the proper bolt. That’ll ensure the proper grade, size, etc.

Are you sure a bolt goes there? I’m seeing a pivot rod entering from the back, but it’s far from clear.

You are correct no bolt there It happens to be a leaking pressure hose to the power steering pump…my bad I thought I was missing a bolt.

Thanks for the follow-up.
Happy motoring.