Hooh Hooh Hooh sound in Front End. 99 Suburu Legacy Wagon

Got 99 Suburu Legacy L Wagon with 170K on it. I’m hearing this Hooh Hooh Hooh Hooh sound in the Front End that can only be detected at Low Speed. Got a good Mechanic who just replaced the Rear Cat and Exhaust behind which had a crack in it that we suspected to be the problem, and also the Rear Disk Pads. Got excellent Tires also, fairly new Michelin Primacy. In Neutral or Park if I Rev the Engine it sounds fine which I assume means that the sound must be coming from some component of the Font End running gear. My mechanic did check the Front Pads and they looked fine. Hopefully someone out there knows exactly what this sound is about.

My guess would be vacuum related but, just a guess. Air intake?

One thing you can do is tape or wire a small tape recorder close to suspected spots.

Thanks, but I don’t think that’s it. Air Filter is Clean. Only happens when the car is moving slow. Talked to my mechanic and he suspects a Wheel Bearing. I had dismissed that because I thought that makes a squealing sound. Another possibility I have picked up checking the previous discussions is a Warped Disk on one Front Wheel. As Tom and Ray will appreciate I’m SURE, my guy says “U don’t have to worry about it too much UNLESS the Wheel Falls Off on your way over to see me.” Hoo Ha!