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06 Chevy Equinox Brakes grinding and sliding at slow speeds

My car has been making a grinding noise at slow speeds and especially downhill and slipping a bit. Never when i’m going fast. Also the ABS light is almost always engaged. It been happening for a few weeks. I just had a wheel bearing replaced about a month ago and the brake place said my pads looked fine. 60%. I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas as to what it might be.

The ABS is coming on at low speeds. That is the grinding you hear and the slipping you feel. You need a mechanic that has a reader for the ABS system to ride with you so you can demonstrate the problem.

I had this problem on a GM truck. I know this will sound odd, but have the mechanic check your car for a broken suspension spring or one just out of position.

on most cars it is a wheel speed sensor and/or broken wire to sensor. a common complaint on the equinox is low speed abs activation on dry pavement. typically it is a result of the abs control module. which is the elec solenoid portion of the valve assy. that portion can be replaced. my nox will activate the abs at every stop. which is annoying. pulling the abs fuse fixes that issue.

Check your tires.Are they worned to the point to cause the abs to engage.

Thanks you for the information and taking your time! It’s very helpful.

Well thats good to know! Thank you so much for your experience and response. Ill make sure to get that checked as well.